Journo for a Day

If I had a media pass, what comes with that is a duty to investigate the truth, expose the lies and represent the communities best interests to provide information.  

If – and its an impossible if I had a media pass – this is what would have happened yesterday;

Journo: Gil could I have a comment on James Hird’s resignation?

He would either respond or decline – either way it’s a winner. 

Journo: What about you Mike (Fitzpatrick)?

MF: Ditto or “We are not here to discuss matters outside the media deal.”

Journo: It’s clear to me that Mr Murdoch, Mr Stokes & Telstra are here and paying the obscene amounts of money on the back of the 24/7 media coverage & AFL involvement of the Essendon saga. They love drama. That’s what sells media. 

How about you Kerry? Rupert?

Come on, I am here representing the fans that subscribe to your networks. They want answers.  

Once again Gil or Mike, any comment? Something? Anything? Maybe just a smile or hint of satisfaction out the corner of your mouth?

We are talking about James Hird here. One of the greatest legends of our game. He has been run out of a job in his mind (and his clubs & most supporters). Surely we are entitled to hear what the leaders of our industry think about this dramatic event? I can tell you the lead on news tonight ain’t gunna be this event it’s going to be “Hird Resigns – AFL Get Their Man”!

We have not heard one word from either of you or your predecessor Andrew Demetriou during the 2 years of bickering. Surely since you’ve got your man you can now provide us with a comment to the hordes of fans hanging out for some leadership and information?

Please Gil, Mike?

A single comment, a squeak, a shuffle in the seat perhaps?


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